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Price Guide 2024:

Please note these prices are for guidance only, each individual's needs and choice of hospital may affect the eventual total price. The surgical prices are all inclusive for the surgery, the anaesthetic and all follow up, they do not include the price of the initial consultation. The botox and filler prices include the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation
. £260

Minor Ops from
. £610

Upper lid blepharoplasty from
. £4470

. £10 per unit, typical treatment £200 to £450 depending on number of units

Underarm botox
. £500

Cheek Filler. £600


Appointments For Initial Consultations and Minor Operations

Hospital Options for Surgical Procedures

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If you are considering any form of surgery there are essential questions that you should never be afraid to ask

What are your qualifications?
Check your consultant holds a substantive NHS consultant post. This will ensure they are fully qualified and have been selected and appointed by a group of peers.
I am a consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
My full set of qualifications are MA MB BChir FRCOphth

How often do you perform this procedure?
Your consultant should have an established track record in the common procedures offered. For rare or new procedures look for honesty. Never be afraid to find a second opinion.
I've been a consultant for the last 18 years. I will only operate if I’m sure I can meet your expectations.

Do you do reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgery?
Only allow someone to operate on you for a cosmetic reason if they are trained to be able to reconstruct the same area.
My NHS work is mainly reconstructive, please see for details.

What is your complication rate?
Look for honesty. All consultants have experienced complications. How the complications are dealt with is usually more important than the exact complication.

What will you do if the result is poor?
Your consultant should offer to re-operate within the fixed price if there is a clear problem.
I offer this for all my patients, there is no additional surgical charge, but additional hospital fees may apply.

Do you charge a consultation fee in addition to a botox or filler fee?
Some consultants add the cost of the consultation to the treatment. This can make a simple botox treatment very expensive.
I charge for surgical consultations, as not every patient proceeds to surgery and the day of surgery is separate from the day of consultation. For botox and fillers the cost of the consultation is included in the price.

Who will I see pre and post operatively?
If you are not seeing your consultant there needs to be a good reason. It is reasonable in some situations for someone else to remove your stitches.
I see all my patents at every visit, unless more convenient for the patient to see their local clinic for suture removal.

Are the pre and post-op photos of your own patients?
If not why not?

Do you have information I can take away?
Always useful, never decide to proceed with surgery without going away and thinking about it.
I use this website for much of my patient information. It saves trees and ensures the information is easily updated.

Are you insured?
Essential. If the insurance companies will not deal with your consultant neither should you.
My insurance is with PMP.
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