Pre and post op photos of cases
There is ongoing debate as to the pros and cons of showing pre and post op photos on websites. The argument is that the results could be photoshopped, are chosen only to show good results and do not necessarily represent the results for other prospective patients.
On the other hand it is useful to have an idea of real results on real people, and useful to have an idea in particular of how visible the scarring can be. All these photos are pre surgery and at six weeks post op.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

bridgerspre1a bridgerspost1
ellispre ellispost
jamesepre jamesepost
pre post

Pre and Post Upper Blepharoplasty

candypre candypost
balfryk balfrykpost1
hillnpre hillnpost
johnstonpre johnstonpost
whitee2 whiteep
willisspre willisspost

Pre and Post Ptosis

gravesj2 gravesjpp
marchamf marchamf7

Pre and Post Minor Ops

ilescroppre ilescroppost